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Benny Shakes graced us with his presence for Episode 19 of Unpacking Life’s Crazy

Hopefully you have already listened to or watched the latest episode.

If not, what are you waiting for? Episode 19 is a delightfully funny conversation with disabled comedian Benny Shakes of Nottingham, England.

During this pandemic shut down, Benny has harnessed his humor for YouTube, with the help of some very funny friends. Now that the pandemic is being controlled Benny will soon be stepping on stage again.

Please, check out Benny’s YouTube channel and subscribe so you wont miss a single episode.  Benny Shakes is a perfect example of how humor can allows us to deal with life’s challenges. The world needs more people like Benny.

“Hope you enjoy this delightful conversation with funny man Benny Shakes.”

Benny is an ideal guest for Unpacking Life’s Crazy as he sets the perfect example of using humor to survive life’s challenges. Cerebal Palsy is a serious disability, but Benny handles it with good humor that is positively infectious.

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