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ULC Episode 21, Interview with Duante ‘SuitMan’ Barnett

In this episode of Unpacking Life’s Crazy, I interview Seattle based comedian and comedy show producer Duante ‘SuitMan’ Barnett. Duante explains how simply existing (as a 6 foot tall black man with Asperger’s) puts him at daily risk of dangerous interactions with law enforcement. He highlights the additional threat posed to people of color who suffer from invisible illnesses and mental disabilities when ignorant people call the cops on them.

Duante shares the motives behind making SuitMan Productions about showcasing those who are underrepresented in the entertainment industry. We delve into the topic of mental illness within the comedy community, our very different approaches to coping with with PTSD and additional challenges faced by comedians when they decide to go sober. We also discuss the failure of our public education system to properly identify and assist neurodivergent children of color and the lack of accountability for law enforcement when it comes to acts of violence against black people. There’s so much to unpack in this episode, you’ll just have to listen.

To learn more about Daunte, check out his up coming shows or follow his podcasts visit his website

On a side note, no video of this Episode is available due to the complete failure of my iMac during the editing process. I hope to have a work around in time to offer a video for the next podcast.

“What’s your biggest challenge in dealing with your Asperger’s?”

“My size… being direct… having the cops called on me.”

For this episode of Unpacking Life’s Crazy, I interviewed Duante ‘SuitMan’ Barnett of SuitMan Productions. Duante shared the challenges of being a big black man with Asperger’s and PTSD, his focus on booking comedians from underrepresented communities, how public schools are failing to diagnose neurodivergent children of color, systemic racism in law enforcement and much more. Let’s unpack this.


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