New Year… new website

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Life has been crazy. Business on my Etsy shop finally slowed down enough that I was able to get back to recording new episodes of my podcast. in the most recent episode of Unpacking Life’s Crazy I talk all about what I’ve been up to this last month or so. Episode 15 is also the first episode of my podcast that is available on video.

This is a photo of the little characters who’ve been distracting me from my podcast these past couple months. Meet the mushroom men and maidens born from my overactive imagination. Each one has their own unique personality and their own name. In order; Bobby, Grace, Chuck, Dahlia, Casey and Emma. Who knows who will join their ranks by week’s end.

But just as I was getting back into the swing of thing with my podcast, I received the renewal bill from my web host and about have a heart attack. My previous hosting had a lot of issues, not the least was being hacked on multiple occasions. It certainly wasn’t worth what they wanted to charge. It was time to move to a new host. Sadly, all my stories and data from the podcast page were lost in migration. I haven’t given up searching for that data yet, but for the time being I don’t have any of the links or information promised in previous episodes of my podcast. New web host means an opportunity to change the look and upgrade my site. Wish me luck.

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